January 3, 2017

How Can You Edit The Names Of Your Kindle Ebooks?

The engaging content of different e-books is one of the prime features of the kindle. A numerous number of eBooks in the kindle library provides the taste of different editions of the book. Even, with the Kindle support, the experience of using the books get better in its own way. Well, having books under the same title sometimes leads to some hustle situation, where you face some kind of unorganized collection of books that hinders your reading experience. We have come up with the easy way to edit the names of your kindle eBooks.

How are you doing with your Kindle eBooks? Well, there could be many valuable reasons to say that kindle is one of the best e-reading devices in the market. With astonishing features and services, the e-reading device has already marked its place in the market. Even with the diverse range of its versions, kindle has managed to steal the e-reading audiences across the world. This is also the reason of adding many new e-readers in its list. So, all the new e-readers, who want to get started with the e-reading device, they should dial Amazon kindle Customer Service to get the quick guide to setup their account with the kindle. Besides setting up the account with kindle, there are many other uses of the e-reading device. It can be used as a useful tool for all kind of educational and business purposes. It’s quite easy to read the product manuals which are transformed into the compatible format of the kindle. And if you have got the bunch of transferred eBooks and you would wish to rename them to keep your library organized, then you can do it with the help of third party software Calibre. This software helps to edit the metadata of your kindle eBooks and there you will get the new titles of your kindle eBooks. With kindle help, you can head to know about the detailed information regarding any issue related to kindle eBooks.

Let’s crack down the way to rename your kindle eBooks.

  • The first thing which you need to do is to download the Calibre software on your PC and then launch the Calibre app while linking your kindle to your PC with the Kindle USB cable. Once the device is detected on the computer, you will witness the kindle icon on the screen, tap it to view the contents of the kindle.           
  • Simply right click on any eBook and then tap “Add to Library”. Now, click the “Library” icon I Calibre to unlock the eBooks application library.
  • Now head to the book which you want to edit the title, and then tap “Edit Metadata”, and then head to “Edit Metadata individually”. This will lead you to the metadata editing editor to edit the current name of the book and changing it to a new title. Tap “OK”, once you are done. If got any kind of error, then head to Kindle Com Support to get the solutions.   
  • With a right click, head to the Calibre library and click “Remove Books” and then “Remove Matching books from device”. This will lead to the removal of your kindle book. Just tap “OK”.    
  • Now, Right click on the book once more and tap “Send to Device” and then click “Send to Main Memory”. This will move the newly-edited version of the eBook to your kindle device.     
  • Now, delink your kindle, when you witness your home screen with the new edited ebook with the new title. If you counter any kind of issue with the process, then you can also navigate to Amazon Kindle Support to get the required expert assistance and solutions. 

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