September 3, 2017

How To Access The ‘Factory Reset’ Screen Of Nook Tablet?

If after trying all the things, your Nook tablet didn’t start working properly, then you have no other option, but to perform a factory reset. You can take Nook help for this process. It will become a whole lot easier with the help of experts.
What’s the need of performing a factory reset on Nook tablet? Well, something must have gone seriously wrong, which forced the person to do a factory reset. But, the question confronts the Nook user is, how to access the factory reset screen because resetting a device to its factory settings in not a simple process.
If a person is not aware of the process, then there is a chance that things may get topsy-turvy while performing a hard reset. Today, we will learn how to access factory reset screen, so that you don’t get bamboozled seeing all those new options that you have never seen before. You can visit www Nook com to know more about the process of performing a factory reset.
The process of performing a hard reset on Nook tablet starts with accessing the factory reset screen. Performing a factory reset will wipe out all the data that was present in the device and will also deregister your device with Amazon.
The settings that were done at the time of manufacturing the device will take place. If you have sold your device to someone else, and want to prepare the device for him/her, then a hard reset will quickly delete all the data that was stored in the device along with the settings that you have made.
You can go to www Nook com account to check what you have stored in your online Nook account. If you want to access the factory reset screen, then you can, from the Nook operating system. If you want to do it externally, then you can press the key combination just as the same as you would use to turn on the device.

Performing factory reset internally:

  1. Press ‘Home’ button (n) in order to display the quick navigation menu on the tablet.
  2. In the quick navigation menu, there will be an option named ‘settings’ that you have to tap.
  3. Once ‘settings’ menu is opened, then tap ‘device info’ option to display ‘Factory reset’ screen. If you can’t find this screen, then you can log onto Nook com support.
  4. Tap ‘erase and deregister’ option to do the factory reset. You will see a confirmation screen once it is done.
  5. Tap ‘Confirm’ in order to erase all the data and deregister the device from Amazon. With this, your device will be restored to its original factory settings.

Doing factory reset externally

  1. Press and hold the power button for 20 seconds. This will turn off the device and then, you will have to wait for about 10-15 seconds.
  2. Now, press and hold power button followed by pressing and holding ‘home’ key. Don’t take your finger away from power button when you press and hold the ‘home’ key. You are going to see a message that, ‘touch the future of reading’. After this message, you are going to see the message displaying, ‘factory reset’. If this message doesn’t appear, then contact Nook customer service.
  3. Now, press ‘Home’ key in order to execute the hard reset. You are going to see a confirming screen once you perform the hard reset.
  4. To confirm the reset action, press ‘Home’ key one more time. With this, your Nook tablet gets deregistered from Amazon and the factory settings are restored in the device.
If you come across any issue, then you have the option of taking help from Nook support. Experts will guide you regarding the process of doing a factory reset.

August 31, 2017

Nook Showing Error “User Not Activated” Solved

Nook by Barnes and noble is not just another rip-off of Kindle. It means serious business. It, in fact, has a lot of features which are not even available on the best of Kindle e-reader devices. Though it is not backed up by Amazon, it has its share of avid readers. You can read a lot more about many of its features at www Nook com. Here, we are trying to solve an issue related to error code when it shows “User not activated”. This error happens in only certain kind of devices.

Why the error message shows up:

Nook has a very diverse lineup of products. These products range from a standard rugged Nook to another kind of devices such as Nook for enthusiastic readers. In comparison, it stands tall with other full-fledged tablets such as Samsung Galaxy tablets. It gives Amazon Kindle a run for the money because of its amazing features and staggering lifespan. Nook Support  is way beyond the conventional and would help users to the very extent that their device would not work. Unlike Kindle where they try to sell more devices over customer service, Nook’s customer service has a greater inclination towards getting the device working.
With a lot of models come a lot of issues. Nook has its share of issues in spite of being one of the toughest e-readers on the planet. As one of the issues reported on Nook Com Support, users are reporting that their e-book readers are showing an error message saying user not activated. This error code is shown mostly on new devices where the setup is being done for the first time. there are also other Nook devices which are a little older but a splash screen shows the same error code.
The error message depicts that the user account which is being used on the nook is not activated for the device. However, users have posted screenshots from www Nook com Account where it can be seen that devices are well updated and accounts are activated from Nook’s website. This has caused havoc among users who have paid for many e-books from Barnes and Noble’s e-book store as well as from third party stores. Sure, the device comes with an SD card reader with a behemoth of expansion hence the books can be saved to the SD card by default. The issue is a lot worse for first time users.

How to resolve the “User not activated” error code?

As confirmed by Nook Customer Service, there are a lot of Nook devices which come with in-built adobe digital edition. These are some special device editions and they look exactly like normal versions. The difference lies on the software side of the product. Adobe digital edition is already preloaded on these devices and hence when users install the same program it shows an error and program does not get installed. So, not installing it by ourselves is surely a way around but not the correct solution.
The solution to this problem is described in some of the following steps as under. Nook devices usually have USB ports on them. Connect the nook device with your computer. Then go to my computer or equivalent of it on MAC or Linux based PC. Then click on Nook and you will find an adobe digital edition folder there. Copy the folder and paste it on your computer. Then delete the same from the device. Now, restart your adobe digital edition. After restarting, plug Nook to your computer. You would be able to see a nook icon inside adobe digital edition. When you click on the icon it will prompt you to authorise the device.
Hence, the issue will be resolved. If it is not, users can visit Nook Help for more information on the problem.

August 28, 2017

How A Library Card Can Get You Kindle E-Books For Free?

Kindle e-readers have been in the market for at least half a decade. Started with the Java platform, Kindle e-readers further grew to Android based operating system called Fire OS. Fire OS was available for tablet type devices called fire tablets. E-readers have a fair distinction from fire based devices. Www Kindle Com Support supports both of them from the ground up. But it does not matter now which device you use since Kindle app is available for all the devices. We will discuss how to get free books for Kindle in this article.

How free content can be loaded in Kindle devices:

Kindle devices can download e-books from Amazon Kindle store. The books there are usually priced at an affordable rate and many of them are almost free. But even the free e -books cannot be backed up on the computers because of copyright issues. Hence, they are stored on Amazon cloud service from where only paying users can re-download the book. Users can also Manage Kindle Devices and can read on multiple devices depending upon subscription type they have chosen. However, there is also some of the copyright free content which can be copied to multiple devices.

For instance, there are a lot of resources from where we can download copyright free content and can side load them to our devices. Not even Amazon Kindle Login is required to do that functionality. Hence it is safe to assume that Amazon Kindle devices are free of any copyright infringement but at the same time support free content. Various types of free content which can be loaded on Kindle devices is e-books, newspapers, magazines and another kind of content which we can get from RSS feeds of the website. The side loading can be done via the internet as well as by using a computer.

How to get free ebooks from the library card

Yes, it is true. Your library card can act as a key to add free books to your Kindle device. Kindle device book addition requires your device to be updated. So, check if your Amazon Kindle Update is not pending. Libraries have grown digital. Digitized libraries have a lot of books which are on their cloud services. Users can read those books from their cloud by using their credentials. Sure, users used to download illegal books earlier and then used to side load using a Personal computer but with libraries digitized, things have changed.

Copyright infringement is not the case anymore. The books which these library cards can get you have an expiry of around number of days your library allows. Hence though the delivery mechanism has changed, the rules are the same. First of all, check if you are using one account per device via Manage My Kindle Account settings. If it is confirmed, move to the next step.

Now that we know that a single device is running a single account, we need to visit our library cloud. For those Kindle devices which support a browser, users can visit the cloud of their library. To know which devices support browser visit Kindle Help. For those Kindle devices which do not support browsing, visit cloud services of your library on your PC. Then enter the credentials on your library card to get a login.

Once the login has been done, users can now select any e-book, click on rent and then click on send to Kindle. Users can then enter Amazon account details which are used on the Kindle device and press Enter. The e-book will be delivered to the Kindle device via Amazon cloud services and you can read it till expiry date.

June 26, 2017

How you can upgrade new software version of your Nook color?

A part from the automatic software update, you can also manually update your software version of the tablet. Here are the steps to do it.    

Are you doing well with your Nook tablet’s version? After being faded for such a long period of time, Nook tablet made the comeback with the release of the new Nook tablet 7th version which is now available on both of the mediums, online and offline. With some of the key features and services, Barnes and noble product has actually managed a fair fan base around the world. If you are one of the new users who is about to start with the tablet, then do head to www Nook com Account in order to setup your nook account to access the diverse range of titles under the nook library.

In all the versions, Nook color is one of the fine performer for Barnes and Noble in the competitive market. If you got the color version on your side, then you must be aware that updating of the tablet is quite important. Besides the automatic update of the software version of the tablet, there is also the option of updating the latest version of software on a manual basis. Here is the manual way to do it.
  1. The first thing which you will require to do is to download the file of a software update. After that choose Save and then Desktop as the saving location. (Don’t try to customize the name of the file and don’t unlock the *.ZIP file)
  2. Now head on to press down the Nook button and then click Settings on the Quick Nav Bar. Now click the Device info and do make sure that the charge of your tablet is more than 20% or above.
  3. Now, you will need to link the Nook Color to the computer by using the compatible USB cable which you get with the device. After connecting, you should get to see a new removable drive in My Computer. (All Mac users note that they would see the Nook drive on the home screen or on other devices). Make sure that you have also got the message of “USB MODE” on the Nook screen. In case, if get any issue, just head to Nook Help for better assistance and solutions.  
  4. Simply head to drag and drop the *.ZIP file into the index of Nook drive. Don’t unzip the file. You should also not create any new folder or adding the file to any other folder.
  5. After the file transfer gets completed, eject the Nook tablet.
  6. Nook will automatically detect the file after going to the sleep mode, and the head to install the updates.
  7. During the installation process, don’t switch off your Nook tablet.
  8. Once the installation will get finished, Nook will directly get restarted and will head to the unlock screen.
Lastly, you will witness a green “n” appearing on the center left the status bar. Just click on it for more information about updated software. If get any other tech bug, simply navigate to Nook Com Support for expert assistance and guidance.  

June 22, 2017

Check these 5 websites for Nook eBooks

Here we have five amazing sites from where you can get the Nook content for free but in Nook Store you need to pay for paid books. You will love these site, once take a glimpse at these sites

If you’re fond of reading books then let us tell that you should go for Nook device and here we tell you some site from where you can legally down the Nook eBooks. Let’s start with DRM (Digital Rights Management) and it won’t let you open downloaded file on any unverified device means, your device should be verified if you want to read some content or eBook. If you step inside the eBookstores then you will see most of the files support Adobe and when it comes to Nook then this device supports epub format. One more thing you need to buy any Nook device to get all these eBooks. Barnes & Noble, Sony, and Google grip the Adobe system. Check out the sites, from where you can get the Nook eBook. 

1.Nook Store
If you have a Nook app then you can get the Nook content on your Android phones as well. Whatever book you’re going to purchase from the Nook Store will be automatically synced with all device (Nook App is compulsory). Remember if you’re purchasing books from the Nook Store then free sample hold no cost but you have to pay for paid books. Navigate to the Store and you can check the list of free Barnes & Noble’s books. While searching your favorite book you can change the option to bestsellers. If you find any difficulty then you can take Nook Com Support or simply get in touch with professionals. You have one more way to get free books and it’s known as Nook Free Fridays. You just need to get The Nook Blog subscription. 

2. Project Gutenberg
If you’re looking for the classics then you should navigate to Project Gutenberg. On this, you feel find all books for free. Well, you can also find several classics on the different sites but on those sites, you have to pay for the books whereas in this site you will get it for free. Right you will see the 40K public domain and you will get two types of epub files, first with pictures and second without pictures. The only drawback you will see in content which holds pictures is, that file is quite heavy. Rest you can easily get the old treasure of well-liked authors. 

3. Smashwords
Smashwords is the place where you will find the creativities of many independent writers/authors. There are 200,000 contents available on this site. This site holds epub and pdf format and plus point is this you can read online books as well. Now why you should go the Smashwords, first it distributed to well-liked and vital ebookstores such as Barnes & Noble and secondly there’s no issue of DRM on this site. If you want any Nook Help then you can contact professionals. Right now, you can find the 23K ebook on this site.   

4. Internet Archive
The Internet Archive grasps ‘universal access to all knowledge’. Here you will get the audio, videos and textual files. You will also get the 3.8 million ebooks as well. You can also navigate to American and Canadian Libraries. If you want something for your kids then this place is the best option and you can grab the epub format here. 

5. BookRix
BooxRix is the best platform which currently grips more than 20K contents and this platform is German-based. If you’re fond of poems, novels and short-stories etc. then this place is the best option for you. This site contains many strong writers and what makes this site unique is, this site holds European content. So, if you’re Europe side fascinates your heart then you should once visit this amazing site. These are the languages you will get here, French, German, Swedish, Czech, Spanish or Serbian. Rest for any Nook Support you’re free to contact experts.   

June 1, 2017

How to fix freezing issues of Kindle Paper white?

Being a user of Kindle Paperwhite, it often happens with you that your experience the issue freezing or slow response. Well, you easily fix this issue, all you need to do is just follow these facile steps

Unable to open your content or responding slowly
While reading your favorite content if you feel that your Kindle device starts acting in an odd manner then you need to give a try to menu restart and later you can also perform hard restart if it necessary then. For Kindle Help, you can also contact professionals.
If you see no change in your issue then maybe there’s something wrong with your file, it might be corrupted. In such case you need to efface the item, this will let you know whether the file is corrupted or not. No need to worry if you think you will lose your favorite book, you can download your removed book from Cloud again. Backup is a must.

Follow these steps, so you can efface the items from your Kindle Paperwhite:
·         On your Home screen, you need to make a long touch on the item. You will see multiple options in a pop-up
·         Now wisely follow the options and you will be able to efface the item from your Kindle Paperwhite. You can also Manage Your Kindle easily, for more information and details you can take professional’s help as well.
·         Start your Kindle Paperwhite again, restarting process is very simple you make a long touch on the button of power for around 45 seconds and if you’re using second generation Kindle Paperwhite then time duration will be 7-15 seconds.
Now check some different content on your Kindle Paperwhite to check that issue is resolved or not, if you think the problem is gone then you can download your content from Cloud again.

Slow response or freezing
Being a user of Kindle Paperwhite if you feel that your device’s speed is not normal or it is freezing it between then you can try a menu restart or hard restart, these attempts will resolve the issues. If you’re going to try a menu restart then navigate to Menu, Settings, and make a tap on Restart.
You will be able to see a startup screen with a progress bar. You need wait for approx. 60 seconds and after completion of restart process you will see the Home screen.
Remember you have also an option of the hard restart if the first one shows no result then try this one. Simply make a long touch on the button of power for around 45 seconds and if you’re using a second-generation Kindle then time duration will be 7 to 15 seconds.
Now just make a normal press on the button of power. Now you will see the startup screen in which a vector kid is sitting under a tree with a book in his hands. Just wait for a while, restart procedure will take place automatically. After completion of restart process, you will be able to see your device’s Home screen.

May 29, 2017

How to resolve Nook touch screen issue

Being a user of Nook if you experience that your Nook screen is unable to recognize your touch or simply you’re unable to swipe then follow these simple steps or you can also contact professionals.

As we all are familiar with Nook device. As we know this tablet is an e-reader plus media player means the finest source of entertainment. Well, if you’re book lover then this tablet is an ideal option for. Barnes & Noble, both are fathers of this superlative device. When it comes to e-readers then there are various devices in the market such as Amazon Kindle and Kobo etc. We no need to tell anything about Kindle, this device grabbed the good popularity among readers. This name, Nook is also giving competition to many devices in the market. Well, if you’re already using this astonishing gadget then we no need to tell about the finest functionality of this device plus its superlative aspects. Being a user of Nook you are completely free to visit Nook Com Support in case you find any technical glitch then or simply you have an option to make a call to professionals as well.

Well, people actually appreciate this device. Now why would you give five stars to any device? Of course, no one likes complications, more complications equal to more annoyance. But in Nook the scene is different, you no need to go through the complicated steps, setup procedure is really facile, the device also grasps the great backlight for those who are fond of reading their content at night time and you will surely praise the battery life of this device because a single will run your battery for two weeks easily. Good thing is that your pocket allows or simply handle the budget because the device holds reasonable price. You can get more information about this table by making a ring on Nook Customer Service number.

As we know it is a gadget then, arriving of some technical error is common in it in fact in all device. Many users of Nook face that their touch screen isn’t responding. According to users they are unable to swipe, power off and cancel, the simply screen is unable to recognize the fingers of users. Most issues can get fixed by restart sometimes but here users are unable shut down their device. Well, you’re not solely facing this error, there are many users with the same complaint and here we have the simple steps for this issue.

You should take a glimpse at the following steps, these steps might fix your touch screen issue:
  1. You need to ensure that battery of your Nook device is entirely charged. Sometimes low or extremely low battery becomes the reason of this issue.
  2. Sanitation and cleanliness of your device are important, if there are some dust particles on your device then we recommend you remove them all gently because all these little things often disturb your device.
  3. Well, these steps are DIY (Do It Yourself), there’s no professional techniques you’re following here, simply in this step you just need to take a piece of paper and with the help of that you need to carefully clean out the edges. This will provide sanitation to your display plus possibility that your touch starts responding. Well, if you see no change after applying these steps then we recommend you grab Nook Help by getting in touch with professionals. 

How To Access The ‘Factory Reset’ Screen Of Nook Tablet?

If after trying all the things, your Nook tablet didn’t start working properly, then you have no other option, but to perform a fa...