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Check these 5 websites for Nook eBooks

Here we have five amazing sites from where you can get the Nook content for free but in Nook Store you need to pay for paid books. You will love these site, once take a glimpse at these sites

If you’re fond of reading books then let us tell that you should go for Nook device and here we tell you some site from where you can legally down the Nook eBooks. Let’s start with DRM (Digital Rights Management) and it won’t let you open downloaded file on any unverified device means, your device should be verified if you want to read some content or eBook. If you step inside the eBookstores then you will see most of the files support Adobe and when it comes to Nook then this device supports epub format. One more thing you need to buy any Nook device to get all these eBooks. Barnes & Noble, Sony, and Google grip the Adobe system. Check out the sites, from where you can get the Nook eBook. 

1.Nook Store
If you have a Nook app then you can get the Nook content on your Android phones as well. Whatever book you’re going to purchase from the Nook Store will be automatically synced with all device (Nook App is compulsory). Remember if you’re purchasing books from the Nook Store then free sample hold no cost but you have to pay for paid books. Navigate to the Store and you can check the list of free Barnes & Noble’s books. While searching your favorite book you can change the option to bestsellers. If you find any difficulty then you can take Nook Com Support or simply get in touch with professionals. You have one more way to get free books and it’s known as Nook Free Fridays. You just need to get The Nook Blog subscription. 

2. Project Gutenberg
If you’re looking for the classics then you should navigate to Project Gutenberg. On this, you feel find all books for free. Well, you can also find several classics on the different sites but on those sites, you have to pay for the books whereas in this site you will get it for free. Right you will see the 40K public domain and you will get two types of epub files, first with pictures and second without pictures. The only drawback you will see in content which holds pictures is, that file is quite heavy. Rest you can easily get the old treasure of well-liked authors. 

3. Smashwords
Smashwords is the place where you will find the creativities of many independent writers/authors. There are 200,000 contents available on this site. This site holds epub and pdf format and plus point is this you can read online books as well. Now why you should go the Smashwords, first it distributed to well-liked and vital ebookstores such as Barnes & Noble and secondly there’s no issue of DRM on this site. If you want any Nook Help then you can contact professionals. Right now, you can find the 23K ebook on this site.   

4. Internet Archive
The Internet Archive grasps ‘universal access to all knowledge’. Here you will get the audio, videos and textual files. You will also get the 3.8 million ebooks as well. You can also navigate to American and Canadian Libraries. If you want something for your kids then this place is the best option and you can grab the epub format here. 

5. BookRix
BooxRix is the best platform which currently grips more than 20K contents and this platform is German-based. If you’re fond of poems, novels and short-stories etc. then this place is the best option for you. This site contains many strong writers and what makes this site unique is, this site holds European content. So, if you’re Europe side fascinates your heart then you should once visit this amazing site. These are the languages you will get here, French, German, Swedish, Czech, Spanish or Serbian. Rest for any Nook Support you’re free to contact experts.   


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