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How to fix freezing issues of Kindle Paper white?

Being a user of Kindle Paperwhite, it often happens with you that your experience the issue freezing or slow response. Well, you easily fix this issue, all you need to do is just follow these facile steps

Unable to open your content or responding slowly
While reading your favorite content if you feel that your Kindle device starts acting in an odd manner then you need to give a try to menu restart and later you can also perform hard restart if it necessary then. For Kindle Help, you can also contact professionals.
If you see no change in your issue then maybe there’s something wrong with your file, it might be corrupted. In such case you need to efface the item, this will let you know whether the file is corrupted or not. No need to worry if you think you will lose your favorite book, you can download your removed book from Cloud again. Backup is a must.

Follow these steps, so you can efface the items from your Kindle Paperwhite:
·         On your Home screen, you need to make a long touch on the item. You will see multiple options in a pop-up
·         Now wisely follow the options and you will be able to efface the item from your Kindle Paperwhite. You can also Manage Your Kindle easily, for more information and details you can take professional’s help as well.
·         Start your Kindle Paperwhite again, restarting process is very simple you make a long touch on the button of power for around 45 seconds and if you’re using second generation Kindle Paperwhite then time duration will be 7-15 seconds.
Now check some different content on your Kindle Paperwhite to check that issue is resolved or not, if you think the problem is gone then you can download your content from Cloud again.

Slow response or freezing
Being a user of Kindle Paperwhite if you feel that your device’s speed is not normal or it is freezing it between then you can try a menu restart or hard restart, these attempts will resolve the issues. If you’re going to try a menu restart then navigate to Menu, Settings, and make a tap on Restart.
You will be able to see a startup screen with a progress bar. You need wait for approx. 60 seconds and after completion of restart process you will see the Home screen.
Remember you have also an option of the hard restart if the first one shows no result then try this one. Simply make a long touch on the button of power for around 45 seconds and if you’re using a second-generation Kindle then time duration will be 7 to 15 seconds.
Now just make a normal press on the button of power. Now you will see the startup screen in which a vector kid is sitting under a tree with a book in his hands. Just wait for a while, restart procedure will take place automatically. After completion of restart process, you will be able to see your device’s Home screen.


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