April 11, 2017

3 Main issues of Kindle Fire HD & How To Resolve Them?

Being a user of Kindle Fire HD if you’re struggling with these basic and common problems then here we have facile troubleshooting steps for them.

Kindle Fire stuck on logo

Many Kindle Fire HD users are struggling with the issue in which they are facing that tablet is denying starting up accurately- it gets as far as the logo gets stuck. Restarting the device facilely takes you as far as the logo again. There are forum posts about this issue going back a few years now and some of our users currently asked about it. To fix this issue follow these steps

Potential solutions:

  • Plug your tablet into a charger and let it charge for around 15 minutes. Now, keep it plugged in, and make a press and hold on the power button unless your device doesn’t start and check if it works. You may need to hold it down for approx. 40 seconds.
  • Try plugging it into your system and see if the device is identified.
  • If it still will not progress previous the logo, then it’s likely a good idea to get in touch with Kindle Support.
  • You could try and see if you can get into the revival menu. Turn the tablet off, then turn it on and make a press and hold on the Power and Volume down buttons concurrently. Alas! Some tablets need you to use the Power and Volume up buttons, however, so if Volume down doesn’t work, then try volume up. If you adjust to get into the revival menu, then you can use the volume keys to focus options and the Power button to choose them. You can also try a factory reset from wipe/data/factory reset, but be careful that it will wipe anything on your device. For more support, you can visit www Kindle Com Support

App won’t load or keeps crashing

If you have a recurring issue with a particular app on your Kindle Fire tablet- perhaps it won’t load, or it keeps freezing or crashing then follow these steps:

Potential solutions:

  • Navigate to Settings > Apps & Games > Manage All Applications and find the problem app. Then, make a tap on Force stop and Clear cache.
  • If you see no change, then install the app via Settings > Apps & Games > Manage All Applications > [App name] > Uninstall. Start your device again by holding down the Power button for approx. 40 seconds, and then install it again. You can also take Kindle Help by getting in touch with experts.
  • You can find some additional advice in Amazon’s help section.

Stuck on “Optimizing system storage and applications”

Many users have found that their Fire HD tablet gets stuck on the message, “Optimizing system storage and applications,” or keeps showcasing the message again and again. This a justly normal issue, which has raised in the Amazon forums.

Potential solutions:

  • Plug it into the wall using your real cable charger, and provide it half an hour or so to entire.
  • If you no change in it, then try holding down the power button for around 40 seconds, so you can force a restart.
  • There’s also a chance that this issue is linked to your MicroSD card. If you have a MicroSD card in your tablet, then you need to turn off the tablet and efface it, and then check to see if the error is fixed. If your MicroSD card is causing the issue, then try plugging it into your PC or another device, copy your data and wipe it. Later, copy them back over before you insert it again into your Fire tablet. For more, you can take Amazon Kindle Support as well.

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